The Association

The Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa (APJM), a lebanese non-governmental, not-for-profit Organization, was founded in 2007 by prominent professionals from the region and a few well known public figures who were all driven by the same cause: protecting the rich biodiversity of Jabal Moussa and its cultural heritage from increasing external threats.

Our Mission

Our mission is to conserve and highlight the unique natural and cultural heritage of Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve, empower local communities to achieve collectively their own sustainable socio-economic development, and build effective partnerships with local and international stakeholders.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which communities obtain collective responsibility for their own future in the context of their own unique culture and create a growing global network of Biosphere Reserves which preserves the planet for future generations.

Our Values

APJM´s team is driven by passion and integrity. We work responsibly with a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration, to serve our partners and communities effectively and efficiently.

  • Passion
    We implement our vision and mission with energy and enthusiasm
  • Integrity
    Honesty, transparency and authenticity are in all our actions
  • Responsibility
    We act responsibly and reliably towards communities, colleagues and partners
  • Efficiency
    We perform all our actions professionally and efficiently
  • Teamwork
    We federate our collective strengths and skills to better achieve our mission and vision
  • Collaboration
    We seek to build partnerships locally, regionally and internationally
  • Service oriented
    We include the community’s needs in our decisions, actions and future plans. We adapt our objectives keeping the community in mind

Helicopter Approach

At the heart of our philosophy is the conviction that the successful management of Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve involves the participation of local communities and adaptation to their needs, guided by world class standards and global organizations. Our constant hovering between local and international makes us stronger.