Ecotourism in Jabal Moussa Inspiring thousands of tourists to care!

Jabal Moussa… a true mosaic of nature, culture and impressive landscapes… From dramatic scenic views including the Adonis Valley, and a uniquely rich biodiversity that remains mainly unspoiled, to cultural and historical features, Jabal Moussa is drawing tourists from Lebanon and all over the world. Our major goal is to unveil the incredible richness of our Jabal to as many people as we can without negative impact on its natural wealth.

How to get there?

Find out how to get to Jabal Moussa entrances by bus or car.

Trails & Facilities

Check our hiking trails and choose the perfect one for you.

Book your Hike

All visits are most welcome, but groups are asked to kindly book in advance.

Lunch &

Learn where you can eat and sleep at local guesthouses while contributing to the socio-economic progress of the area.

Printable Map

Get a printable version of the trails map.

Whether you’re a first-timer, or a regular hiker, we hope you enjoy your visit to Jabal Moussa and get inspired!

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