Tree Nurseries Sowing today, for future harvest

APJM maintains three native tree nurseries in 3 villages surrounding Jabal Moussa with a total growing capacity of 40,000 seedlings per year. The trees, well cared for by locals, are grown from seeds collected from the very own trees of Jabal Moussa.
"The more one sows, the greater the harvest.” - Orison Swett Marden

Destiny of our seedlings

When ready for outplanting, some of the seedlings are planted in degraded sites in Jabal Moussa, through projects (TJ Saadeh forest) or by enthusiastic tourists.
Our seedlings also serve nationwide reforestation initiatives and thousands of seedlings from the provenance of Jabal Moussa helped reforest sites all over Lebanon. (The most renowned project so far was the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI) in which overall survival rates of our seedlings reached up to 91%).


Plant a tree from Jabal Moussa in your home garden by selecting any one of our beautiful seedlings.

How it all started

Our network of native tree nurseries was launched through the Treecon Project funded by UNOPS. The latest collaboration with Lebanon Reforestation Initiative enabled us to enhance the productivity of our nurseries.

“The increased capacity and vitality of APJM’s nursery production will continue to provide, for years to come, high-quality native tree seedlings”. LRI report.

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Quercus cerris L. – Turkey Oak - عزر

This seedling will grow up to become a tall tree with a beautiful grayish bark and large leaves and (...)

Quercus calliprinos Webb – Kermes Oak - سنديان

As an evergreen oak tree, this seedling will never lose its spiky serrated/dentate leaves. It is (...)

Acer syriacum Boiss. & Gaill. – Syrian Maple - قيقب سوري

Grown specimen can mostly be seen in form of shrubs, and are found down in the valley of Nahr (...)

Fraxinus ornus L. – Mana Ash - مران زهري

Also called the Flowering Ash, this extraordinary Ash tree will develop large clusters of small (...)

Ceratonia siliqua L. – Carob Tree - خرّوب

This seedling is the well-know Carob Tree. Once grown, it will develop large seed pods that are eye (...)

Amygdalus orientalis Mill. – Wild Almond - لوز مرّ برّي

This tree is the wild form of the almond as we know it as a snack. However, the wild almond is no (...)

Pistacia palaestina Boiss. – Palestine Pistachio - بطم

All around the slopes of Jabal Moussa you can see the red color of its flowers and fruits hanging (...)

Pyrus syriaca Boiss. - Wild Pear - إجاص برّي

Like other wild forms of fruit trees, this species’ fruits are rather small, but without any doubt (...)